About Matt

Matt is a big believer of traveling and learning. Experiencing cultures from all walks of life.


After working as  talent agent for more then ten years, Mr. Shapira chose to pursue a path of art and film making. Over the past few years his focus in art has been singularly roaming elephants on canvas  and walls/murals around the world. Taking his travels and experiences of life and placing them into the expression and brushstroke of his elephants.


Moreover, as a film maker, focusing on current social concepts as well as the nature of the human spirit.





Director, Cinematographer


Life Motto

Finding an audience with a wide range of people has always been the number one aim and creating unrelenting intention through something as simple as brushstroke or camera movement.


Stories that challenge the mind, question cultural norms, and present alternative perspectives on life and our purpose on this earth. This above all is the deliberate nature of his projects.


Roaming Elephant Productions mission is to create with an eye towards entertaining and providing inspiration. Telling stories is a passion of Matt’s. Connecting people with a cause and finding ways to discuss important social and humanitarian issues. Whether in Film or on a canvas, Matt hopes to share his expressions in such a way as to make a difference.

All projects have a charity and donation attached.